February 14 Thursday Meeting – Character Analysis Workshop

  1. dr payneJoin us on Thursday, February 14th, for a workshop conducted by the KWG’s very own psychotherapist, the Notorious Doctor Payne.  Bring the characters you are working with in your writing and have them spend some time on the good doctor’s couch. In the process, you will learn how to make your characters more believable, and come to understand some of the reasons they’re behaving like they are.

The Doctor has asked that you fill out the questions below for each character you’d like to analyze (and no insurance cards are required!)

It would help me to analyze your story’s character and you to know her/him better if we look at his/her feelings, thinking, attitudes, and fears.

The questions below give some suggestions for bringing out those characteristics. Not all are important, but some are. Write your statements on this questionnaire, and I’ll use your observations to reveal more about your character.


1) What complaints does your character make?



2) What is your character worried/anxious about?



3) Has your character had any significant traumas (e.g. hospitalization, imprisonment, time in a mental institution, live with a writer.)



4) Experienced any significant loss?



5) What thing/person is he/she attracted to?



6) Is she/he empathic or more self-absorbed?



7) What does your character want?



8) Does your character argue for/against any particular political view or religion?



9) Any conflicts, crises, challenges, internal or external?



10) What is your character’s gender, age; who does he/she live with?



11) What do you question or not understand about your character?




Venue Change – Undertow Launch

The get-together celebrating the publication of the first collection of writing by the members of the KWG has been changed – it will now begin at 7:00 on Wednesday, September 27th, at Kenosha Fusion.  (If you’re not familiar with this true community treasure, visit their web site here: ). The bar will be open, there will be readings from contributors, and there will be copies of this wonderfully diverse collection, as well as other books written by KWG members, available for purchase.

Announcing “Undertow” Launch Party

Come and join the party!

When:  Wednesday, September 27th

Time:   7:00-9:00    6:30-8:30  

Where:  Kenosha Fusion (5014 Seventh Avenue)

Kenosha Public Library,  North-side Branch (1500 27th Avenue)


What:  A celebration of the launch of Undertow, the first ever collection of writing from members of the Kenosha Writers’ Guild.  Open to the public!  Copies of Undertow  will be available for purchase, and you’ll also get a chance to meet the authors of this wildly diverse collection.

Save the date! Watch this space for more details!



April 2nd Thursday – The Writing Process

Why do you write and for whom? What gets your creative juices flowing? Where do your ideas come from? Do you have a writing ritual? Write everyday? Wait for inspiration?
What role does setting play in your work? How do you create real and unique characters?

Outlines…deadlines…where do you draw the line?


Join us for an interactive workshop focusing on the writing process.
Share what works for you and learn what works for others.

Meet in room 196 of the Straz Bldg. April 13th. 6:30 P.M.

October 2nd Thursday – Scene Writing Workshop with Chris Deguire

This month’s second Thursday meeting will feature Chris Deguire conducting a scene-writing workshop. Chris will use techniques that he applies as a professor in the Department of Creative Writing at Columbia College in Chicago. Whether you are blocked or having trouble moving your story form point A to B or you just want to learn something from a talented and experienced  professional, Thursday’s meeting promises to have something for you!

Call for Submissions: January Audio Show


The Kenosha Writers Guild is going into the studio to record its next radio program on Friday, January 15th, at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha.
No special guests are planned, so it will be a general open mic. If you want to read more than the usual guidelines, it shouldn’t be a problem this month, depending on how many folks submit.
If you are interested in reading your work on the air, please see the following submission guidelines:
Submission Guidelines
– any form – prose, poetry, play, essay, script, etc.
– subject matter is not an issue, but language can be, so be mindful. Strong language is discouraged, so if you have a piece with rough language, edit it or submit an alternative.
– 1000 word count, give or take. You may submit more than one piece if the total doesn’t exceed 1000 words, but in order to get as many readers as possible, only one piece may be selected for performance on air. If only a few people submit, you may be able to read more, so feel free to bring extra.
– submissions should be e-mailed to Chris DeGuire at preferably in Courier font.
The deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, January 13th. Selected readers will be notified by Thursday the 14th.

Any questions, please email Chris. Thanx.

In-depth Critique – Thursday, January 14 @ 6:30 pm


If you’ve attended at least one open meeting of the KWG, you’re welcome to submit to our in-depth critique to be held Thursday evening January 14th.

Work may be fiction, creative non-fiction, essay, play, or poetry. Fiction may be a short story or novel excerpt. If it is a novel excerpt please provide a brief synopsis of what the readers need to know.

All submissions should be emailed to Dave Gourdoux by midnight Sunday, January 10th.

Submissions MUST follow these guidelines-

– It must be in a Word document and sent as an attachment. They should be in Courier 12 point font, double spaced, 3700 words maximum, and the pages must be numbered. Include your name and title at the top of the manuscript.

– If the piece is longer than 3700 words, it should be excerpted, with any information the reader needs to know added to the manuscript. This information will not count towards the overall word count, but keep it brief.

– Please include what form the piece is – short story, novel excerpt, personal essay, etc.

– If you have a short story or novel excerpt that exceeds the word count, you MUST excerpt it.

– Work not meeting these guidelines may be returned and you may be asked to re-format it accordingly.

– Multiple submissions are acceptable, as long as they don’t exceed 3700 words total.

All readers will have the pieces read before the meeting. At the meeting each writer will read about a page and then everyone will have a chance to comment on the piece. Readers will comment first, then the writer.

You may attend the meeting as a writer, reader, or just an observer. If you are submitting a piece, you are automatically a reader. Please RSVP to Dave at – by midnight Sunday, January 10th, even if you just want to read, you must e-mail Dave so you can get the manuscripts. Reading guidelines will follow with the manuscripts on Monday, January 11th.”