*Lisa Adamowicz Kless mainly writes short stories, non-fiction articles, and poetry.  Her work has been published online, in metroparent magazine, in the book Mother Goosed: Twisted Rhymes for Modern Times, and in the books bending light into verse, Vol. I & II by Jennifer L. Tomaloff.  Lisa is a co-founder, contributing writer, and editor for and has served as editor and a contributing writer for Kenosha’s Downtown magazine.  In 2012, she and several other colleagues co-founded the arts-based magazine Left of the Lake.

Lisa spends many happy moments in her hometown near Lake Michigan as a proud mom to her son, working as an educational assistant at a small local school, and loves collaborating with the creative community near and far. In the future, she hopes to begin writing children’s literature and a novel.

Richard Bell
I began writing when I was young, before computers, on a typewriter. I learned early that if you type fast and make mistakes, you get some hilarious results. My current writing began as therapy when my wife and I were both laid off from our jobs at the same time she became ill. The stories are designed for people dealing with stress. My ebook is titled Life Seemed Good, But…. and is a collection of short, interrelated fairy tales for adults. Many are taken from my monthly column for Wassup Local magazine, published from Milwaukee to Chicago, which I have been writing for over 5 years now. The stories are about me, people in general, and talking animals, all taking place in and around the Mystee Forest. You can find the book at . I was also published in Pandora’s Box, Southport Press, 2011.

Darleen Coleman
Darleen writes short stories and poetry. She’s been published in Great Lakes Review and was a finalist in Glimmer Train’s Short Story Contest for New Writers. A refuge from Chicago, she crossed the Cheddar border eighteen years ago and hasn’t looked back. She has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A self-avowed junkaholic, she lives in a vintage bungalow with the two lovely dogs who rescued her.

Chris DeGuire
Chris has been a member of the Kenosha Writers Guild since 2008. He teaches fiction workshops at Columbia College Chicago and has been published in Hair Trigger and F-Magazine. He currently serves on the Guild’s Board of Directors and hosts the radio show, Speaking of our Words, which features local writers and can be heard on WGTD 91.1 HD3. His memoir, I Have a Bad Feeling About This, about his collection of everything Star Wars, will be out from Wicker Park Press in 2014.

Joe Engel
Joe flits between poetry and fiction, a moth between two porch lights.  He has been lucky enough to have his work appear in “Harpur Palate“, “Cold Mountain Review“, “Other Poetry” and some others.  He has made many new friends and colleagues in the KWG who have offered valuable insight into his writing. You should join if you haven’t already.  If you would like to read one of Joe’s poems try “A Sense of Truth” at

Walter Gascoigne
Walter is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing. His stories tend to be a bit on the dark-side of human nature. He is an avid reader and many of the writers who influenced him can be seen in his works. Edgar Allan Poe, Richard Matheson, H. G. Wells, and many others were his inspiration. He specializes in short story fiction, what some people call flash fiction. It is his believe that any story with merit can be told in under 1000 words. He considers himself a writer if even only one sentence from one story affected his readers and made them think or feel. Some of his stories are posted here

*Dave Gourdoux
Dave Gourdoux suffers from angoraphobia (the abnormal fear of leaving one’s house while wearing a wool sweater).  He has had his work published in the Midwest Prairie Review and Left of the Lake magazine.   He is searching for a publisher for his first novel, Ojibway Valley, and is about 70% complete with the first draft of a second novel.  He is a staff contributor to 2nd First Look, (, an arts oriented web site, writing articles celebrating films, music and literature.   He also hosts his own website, “Drivel by Dave“ (  He leads a local Parkinson’s disease support group and volunteers as a tutor for adult literacy.  His goal is that someday, after he dies, someone will hire him as a ghost writer.

Rick McCluskey
Rick wears many hats. Some fit snug upon his head like finely tailored leather gloves, while others seem to slip and slide from side to side as if livened by a passing breeze. Yet of all the hats he wears none fits more comfortably than that of writer, for it is his favorite and yet undoubtedly, the unruliest of the bunch. He labors under the pseudonym Sheldon Doyle and churns out short stories, poems  and children’s fantasies at the insistence of his grandchildren, who, by their very nature as wondrous listeners, have stolen his heart, but not what moves him to write. That belongs to his novels; intriguing, thrilling and sometimes scary novels. And it is here, in this often dismal arena surrounded by monstrous men bent on terrorizing the innocent that you will find him should you come searching for a good scare at

TJ Morris
TJ has been involved in the Arts most of her life. She obtained her B.A. in Liberal Arts from Columbia College of Chicago. After college, TJ continued her career in the medical field, as an illustrator for medical publications. She also spent years painting abstract portraits, helping to produce scenery for Theatrical Culture Shows and long hours in a photographic darkroom. Then she found creative writing. TJ wrote her first Children’s Story in 1993, but didn’t write again for 10yrs. During that 10yrs she continued with her other artistic skills, such as face-painting, signage and doll-making.  In 2003 she wrote and published a poetry book titled “The True Heart.” TJ continued writing poetry and eventually found the Kenosha Writer’s Guild, in the Spring of 2012. As a dedicated member of the guild, she is now completing her first Novella “Blood Is Thicker Than Color,” a historical fiction based in the 1920’s to be published in early 2014.

Jim Payne
Jim Payne
I am becoming a writer even though I started just two years ago. I have not published anything and don’t expect to, but I want to write. I am not a creative writer; I have little to no imagination. With my flat feet I am firmly grounded on reality. So I write about what I experienced, not about what may be. I am finished raising a family and retired from a lifelong career as a psychotherapist. I was paid to do what I love to do, and it is still my second love. In retirement I enjoy an active life, and writing helps make my life interesting. Thus my third love has become writing short stories. Like a garden, writing lets me nourish my ideas. As fertilizer for that I get the support, guidance, and critiquing I need from fellow members of the Kenosha Writers’ Guild—friends who generously share their experience to help me become a writer.

Irene S. Pyskir-Bilak
Being an active member of the board of the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America-Chicago, I have written reports and short essays. Belonging here for over 40 years I have also written poetry and humorous sketches in Ukrainian on different occasions for the same organization. My 50-year historical report of the Chicago branch existence was published in an official memorial booklet. Several of my essays on life in the diaspora were published in national Ukrainian newspapers and magazines. Teaching English and writing in American schools to junior high school students, I adapted long stories to short plays, and wrote an original sketch for the stage as well. It was also my privilege to write and deliver several speeches and formal papers on history, religion, and art to university students and private groups in English. Most recently, my poem “Acceptance” was published in Our Life magazine in the English language. I also had occasion to to translate Ukrainian language documents or obituaries into English, and English into Ukrainian for several newspapers. My memoir of life as an immigrant child, displaced person in Austria, and my adaptation to the United States was self-published in 2010 on the occasion of my mother’s 100th jubilee. For several years I have actively participated in writing at the Kenosha Writers’ Guild and the radio show. Right now I am working on a historical novel.


* Indicates KWG board member