In-Depth Critique

KWG In-Depth Critique meetings are held monthly on the second Thursday of every month. Poetry IDCs for 2021 will be in February, April, June, August, and October; prose IDCs in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Deadlines for submissions are generally one week before the meeting.

PROSE: Maximum 5000 words. If submitting an excerpt please provide a brief synopsis of what readers need to know.

POETRY: Maximum of 5 poems/5000words.


  • Word document, sent as attachment
  • Double spaced, 12 pt., Courier or Times New Roman font, pages numbered
  • Include your name and the work’s title at the top of the first page and include what form the piece is (short story, poem, novel excerpt, etc.)
  • Send work to Jim Payne at:
  • You do not have to submit a piece to participate in the critique; notify Jim that you want to be a reader and he’ll send you all submissions to critique.

All submissions will be emailed to participants about a week or so prior to the meeting. At the meeting, the author will read a short excerpt (prose) or entire poem.

The critique format consists of two rounds.

1st round:  participants summarize what’s working in the piece and what may need clarification. Questions may be posed for the author to answer in the 2nd round. (The author is silent for this round.)

2nd round: the author responds, answers / asks questions, and comments on the feedback received.

It’s helpful when participants markup submissions with comments, etc., and email them to authors following the IDC meeting.