Workshop on Thursday, April 9 – Readers Make the Best Writers


Readers make the best writers!

We all love hearing what you write; now we’d like to hear what you read!

For the April 9th second Thursday meeting, bring along a passage to read–whether it’s something from your favorite writer, your favorite book, or just a cool passage. Bring it along to share with the group, and be prepared to discuss why you love it and how it’s influenced your own writing. Then bring a sample of something you’ve written that shows that influence.  So that we have enough time for discussion, please limit your reading and writing excerpts to no more than a page each.

This should be fun, and will hopefully broaden our horizons, exposing each of us to writers we may not be familiar with.

6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 9
Lower-level Room 172
Carthage College Hedberg Library
2001 Alford Park Dr, Kenosha 53140