Thursday, September 10 – In-depth Critique


Submit your work to the KWG In-Depth Critique Meeting, Thursday, Sept 10th.  Work may be fiction, creative non-fiction, essay, play, or poetry. Fiction may be a short story or novel excerpt. If it is a novel excerpt please provide a brief synopsis of what the readers need to know.

All submissions should be emailed to Dave Gourdoux by midnight Sunday, September 6th.

Submissions MUST follow these guidelines-

– It must be in a Word document and sent as an attachment. They should be in Courier  12 point font, double spaced, 3700 words maximum, and the pages must be numbered. Include your name and title at the top of the manuscript.

– If the piece is longer than 3700 words, it should be excerpted, with any information the reader needs to know added to the manuscript. This information will not count towards the overall word count, but keep it brief.

– Please include what form the piece is – short story, novel excerpt, personal essay, etc.

– If you have a short story or novel excerpt that exceeds the word count, you MUST excerpt it.

– Work not meeting these guidelines may be returned and you may be asked to re-format it accordingly.

– Multiple submissions are acceptable, as long as they don’t exceed 3700 words total.

All readers will have the pieces read before the meeting. At the meeting each writer will read about a page and then everyone will have a chance to comment on the piece. Readers will comment first, then the writer.

You may attend the meeting as a writer, reader, or just an observer. If you are submitting a piece, you are automatically a reader. Please RSVP to Dave at – by midnight Sunday, September 8th, even if you just want to read, you must e-mail Dave so you can get the manuscripts. Reading guidelines will follow with the manuscripts on Sept, July 7th