Call for Submissions: November Recording of Speaking of Our Words

Mic 50

The Kenosha Writers Guild is going into the studio to record its next audio program on Friday, November 20, at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha. If you are interested in reading your work on the air, please see the following submission guidelines:
Submission Guidelines
– any form – prose, poetry, play, essay, script, etc.
– subject matter is not an issue, but language can be, so be mindful. Strong language is discouraged, so if you have a piece with rough language, edit it or submit an alternative.
– 1000 word count, give or take. You may submit more than one piece if the total doesn’t exceed 1000 words, but in order to get as many readers as possible, only one piece may be selected for performance on air. If only a few people submit, you may be able to read more, so feel free to bring extra.
– submissions should be e-mailed to Chris DeGuire at preferably in Courier font.
The deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, November 18th. Selected readers will be notified by Thursday the 19th.

Any questions, please email Chris. Thanx.