Listen Now to March’s Speaking of Our Words

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Whoa! Stopped at an ISIS checkpoint? Click here to listen to Ron Larson’s non-fiction account.

Ron leads off this month’s show, which also features writing by Darleen Coleman, Walter Gascoigne, Jim Janus, and Irene Pyskir-Bilak.

Host: Chris DeGuire
Guest Writers: Darleen Coleman, Walter Gascoigne, Jim Janus, Ron Larson, Irene Pyskir-Bilak
KWG President: Lisa Adamowicz Kless
Engineer: Troy McDonald
Audio to Video Formatting: Jim Janus
Speaking of Our Words is a production of the Kenosha Writers’ Guild and WGTD 91.1 Kenosha

Listen Now to February’s Speaking of Our Words


Listen now to February’s show hosted by Chris DeGuire. It features local writers Richard Bell, Greg DeGuire, Walter Gascoigne, Jim Janus, and Ron Larson. Near the close, there’s discussion of how verbal storytelling differs from writing for the page.